Technical Kit - Dog rescue - Winter & Snow
Technical Kit - Ortovox Dog Transmitter
Ortovox Dog Transmitter - [ORTDT]
Ortovox Dog Avalanche Transmitter Small transmitter that can be fitted on a collar   No search function Transmits at 457kHz frequency Small unit approx 4cm x 2cm x 1cm Not for use for human avalanche...
Ortovox Dog Transmitter
1 Item
from £88.00
Technical Kit - Ortovox D1 dog transceiver
Ortovox D1 dog transceiver - [ORVXD1]
Ortovox D1 dog transceiver This is an avalanche transceiver designed specifically for searching for a dog fitted with an Ortovox dog transmitter unit (which we sel separately). It is not designed for using for finding humans in avalanches....
Ortovox D1 dog transceiver
1 Colour
from £99.00
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