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Tendon Prussic Cord
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Tendon Prussic Cord
Prussic loop made from 6mm cord
Essentail bit of versatile kit

A prussic loop is used in a variety of mountaineering situations; to back up an abseil, as a pulley backup block on a crevasse rescue or hoist, and to protect any progression along a fixed rope. Climbers and Alpine mountaineers should always carry at least one prussic, as not only as a technical backup, the length of rope can also be used in an emergency situation as a thread for an Abalakov belay, to fix broken crampons, or even a damaged rucksack strap. They weigh virtually nothing, and are probably the cheapest bit of technical kit you can buy!

  • We sell prussics available in two lengths; 

    • a) STANDARD: 1.5m length of cord makes a c.40cm loop ideal for backing up abseils.

    • b) LONG: 2.5m length of cord makes a longer loop that can be used as a footloop for self rescue technique ascending a rope.

  • Most people only require a standard length prussic, however a long prussic can always be shortened by tying an overhand knot in it.

  • After you tie a double fishermans, and if you allow sufficient length tails each side of the knot.

  • We supply the loops loosely pre-tied, but you should fully tighten and double check before using them.

  • If you are on an Icicle course, your instructor will teach you how to tie and check your prussics.

  • Made from Tendon 6mm cord.

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